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ENTSO-E consults on its Work Programme 2016 until 24 September

ENTSO-E’s vision in response to the European Commission’s "Energy Union" initiative is at the heart of this 7th Annual Work Programme of the European transmission operators’ association. Its two main directions are ENTSO-E’s key contributions to the EU electricity system and power market and how to make sure the association responds further to the expectations of stakeholders and members.

Allowing to take stock of the progress made in all ENTSO-E’s legally mandated work products, this 2016 edition includes new sections on R&D, strategy and resources as well as relations with non-EU transmission system operators.

The ENTSO-E’s Annual Work Programme is one of the association’s major documents. Stakeholders’ participation to the consultation will contribute to shaping it further so that the interest of customers and market participants are even better met.
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