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Gartner Press Release, December 2015:

Gartner Says Smart Cities Will Use 1.6 Billion Connected Things in 2016
Smart Commercial Buildings to Lead with 518 Million Connected Things in Use in 2016. read more »

Gartner Press Release, July 2015:

Gartner Says Smart Lighting Has the Potential to Reduce Energy Costs by 90 Per Cent
Smart Lighting Providers Should Focus on Five Phases to Be Successful in the Internet of Things. read more »

Gartner Press Release, April 2015:

Gartner Says Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Expected to Reach $354 Billion in 2015, a 4 Percent Increase from 2014
Currency Shifts, Excess Inventory and End to PC Upgrade Cycle Slowing Growth. read more »

Gartner Press Release, March 2015:

Gartner Says Smart Cities Will Use 1.1 Billion Connected Things in 2015
Smart Homes to Lead with 294 Million Connected Things in Use in 2015. read more »

Gartner Research, Januar 2015:

Agenda Overview for Security and Risk Management Leaders, 2015
Leaders must mind the gap between risk management necessities and business objectives, while maintaining focus on the digital business horizon, if their IT security, enterprise risk, business continuity, audit, compliance and privacy initiatives are to succeed. read more »

Gartner Research, April 2014:

Smart Grid Key Initiative Overview
Technology and digital business trends are pushing utilities to adopt smart grid initiatives that will improve grid resilience, integrate consumers into energy markets and enable new energy provisioning models driven by sector digitalization. We examine the resulting challenges and opportunities. read more »

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