ENTSO-E acknowledges the ACER Opinion on electricity market bidding zones in Austria and Germany in the context of on-going studies and market integration process

ENTSO-E acknowledges ACER’s opinion of 23 September on the compliance of national regulatory authorities’ decisions with Regulation 714/2009. This opinion states, inter alia, that the German-Austrian interconnection needs to be considered as usually and structurally congested. ACER invites TSOs and NRAs of the Central-East Europe region to commit to the adoption of a coordinated capacity allocation procedure on the German–Austrian border.

The changes in the market which the ACER Opinion will bring, need to be seen in the context of on-going work and challenges:

  • the study about the efficiency of bidding zones, started in Spring 2015 and scheduled to end in late 2016;
  • the definition of capacity calculation regions by proposal of all TSOs and final decision of all national regulatory authorities according to the Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management Regulation; and
  • current operational challenges in the wider region which are urgently addressed with market and operational measures within the regional security coordination initiative, TSC.

Source and complete article: www.entsoe.eu

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