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iimt Research: BEANS-Project (Behaviour Analysis for Network Stability)

New technologies, new notions of effectiveness in the Utility-sector and the political/societal call for sustainability leads to major shifts in the utility-landscape. New organizational forms of Smart Grids, like the "Crowd Energy", leads to more participation and decision-making-efforts for a multitude of energy-prosumers. Future energy-prosumers will generate, store, consume, sell, buy and share energy for different purposes, which implies on one hand fundamental knowledge about the decision-making-patterns of a multitude of individual prosumer-cells and on the other hand knowledge on the organizational architecture of a "Crowd Energy"-Community. The enlarged action and interaction spectrum leads to difficulties to forecast the network-stability.

The BEANS (Behaviour Analysis for Network Stability)- Project tries to find out which variables support and hinder

  • sharing energy to the Crowd
  • energy storing and
  • buying/selling energy

By forecasting how energy prosumer will behave in different situations, BEANS will make a large contribution to the network-stability-forecast.

BEANS will be divided in three different parts: first, variables which influences the cooperation-, energy storage- and energy selling/buying-intention will be defined. Second, by analysing the individual as well as the community behaviour in an experiment, these variables will be tested and verified on their significance. By modeling and simulating a Crowd, we will test our model in a final stage.

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