The new assembly line: 3 best practices for building (secure) connected cars

Vehicles are becoming computers on wheels and now have more in common with your laptop than they do the Model T. Just as smartphones have supplanted non-Internet-connected phones, connected cars will supplant non-Internet-connected cars. Auto manufacturers need to become software companies if they want to survive into the 21st century. To that end, the auto industry must now consider cybersecurity as an integral part to how cars are built, just as physical safety became a critical part of how cars were built in the late 20th century.

When an industry without experience from the front lines of Internet security begins connecting its products, one of two outcomes often occurs. If there are clear security best practices, then most companies will (hopefully) implement those best practices. If there are no clear best practices, companies will likely make a lot of security mistakes, resulting in major cybersecurity problems down the road. My research partner, Marc Rogers of CloudFlare, and I decided to help make sure those clear best practices were in place for the auto industry.
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Source and complete article: blog.lookout.com

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