The Reality of the Paris Climate Deal

As of today, the Paris climate change agreement is officially in force – but the United Nations has warned that governments must dramatically reduce carbon emissions to meet its goals. Less than a year after its inception, the agreement – which aims to reduce fossil fuel use and limit average global temperature rise to below 2 °C – is now binding for the countries that have signed up. "This is a moment to celebrate," said United Nations' climate chief Patricia Espinosa. "It is also a moment to look ahead with sober assessment and renewed will over the task ahead." Quite. Because a new UN report warns that the emissions goals put forward by the countries that have signed up don’t go far enough. In fact, it suggests that the pledged emissions targets put the world on track to warm by 3.4 °C by 2100. The reports says that a further 25 percent reduction in emissions will be required to keep warming below 2 °C. The Paris agreement is good news, but there’s still a lot to do.
Source: MIT Technology Review

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